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IST-BRIDGE: International Postdoctoral Program

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Are you eager to perform cutting edge basic research in an international environment? Do you want to push the frontiers of science and work with supervisors and colleagues that are among the best in the world?

The IST-BRIDGE program at IST Austria offers fully funded (two-year) postdoctoral fellowships for highly qualified candidates who have completed or will soon complete their PhD or equivalent in the natural or computer sciences, mathematics or any related discipline.

IST-BRIDGE postdocs’ careers will be enhanced by a flexible ‘career-tracks’ training program and optional non-academic secondments, placements in IST Austria research support units, and academic secondments to outstanding international BRIDGE Network partners.

Benefits of an IST-BRIDGE fellowship

  • International, Interdisciplinary, and Intersectoral fellowship program
  • 2-year, fully funded postdoctoral position (optional extensions for placements/secondments)
  • Profiled competency training: 4 flexible ‘career-tracks’
  • Optional BRIDGE placements and secondments
  • ‘Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow’ title – internationally recognized mark of research excellence


  • All research fields supported at IST Austria will be eligible (see
  • At the date of the deadline, applicants must hold a PhD (or equivalent) or have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience and anticipate the completion of their PhD degree before the start of their fellowship (which should not be later than ~7 months post-deadline – see guide for applicants). A fellowship contract will not be issued until a copy of the diploma/proof of successful defense is provided.
  • Applicants cannot have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Austria for more than 12 months in the 36 months immediately prior to the call deadline.
  • Researchers already employed at IST Austria at the call deadline are not eligible to apply.

Calls for proposals: IST-BRIDGE will recruit 60 fellows over 5 globally-advertised calls (approximately 12 per call).

Call deadlines: 05/11/21 – 05/05/22 – 11/12/22 – 05/05/23 – 05/11/23

See the program webpage [link:] for the Guide for Applicants and application links.

The application portal will open for applications to Call 4 (submission deadline 05/05/2023) in February 2023.

Informatie over de vacature

IST-BRIDGE: International Postdoctoral Program
Campus 1 Klosterneuburg, Oostenrijk
Uiterste sollicitatiedatum
2023-05-05 23:59:59
Soort functie
Ecologie, , Neurowetenschappen (Neurologie), , Celbiologie, , Evolutionaire biologie, , Geneeskundige chemie, en 126 andere Nanotechnologie, Materiaalchemie, Organische chemie, Biochemie, Analytische chemie, Atmosferische chemie, Katalyse, Chemische biologie, Chemische thermodynamica, Chemo-informatica, Elektrochemie, Milieuchemie, Immunochemie, Anorganische chemie, Wiskundige chemie, Moleculaire chemie, Nanobiochemie, Nucleaire chemie, Organometaalchemie, Petrochemie, Photochemistry, Fysische chemie, Fytochemie, Polymeerchemie, Radiochemie, Solid-state chemie, Spectroscopie, Oppervlaktechemie, Theoretische chemie, Thermochemie, Computationele chemie, Synthetische chemie, Nano-scheikunde, Algebra, Statistiek, Logica, Analyse, Toegepaste wiskunde, Getaltheorie, Kansrekening, Geometrie en topologie, Computationele wiskunde, Stochastiek, Geluidsleer (Akoestiek), Electromagnetisme, Optica, Thermodynamica, Experimentele fysica, Geofysica, Biofysica, Atomaire, moleculaire en optische fysica, Computationele fysica, Gecondenseerde materiefysica, Cryogenics, Vloeistofdynamica, Materiaalfysica, Mathematische fysica, Medische fysica, Moleculaire fysica, Nucleaire fysica, Deeltjesfysica, Plasmafysica, Quantumfysica, Solid-state Physics, Theoretische fysica, Voertuigdynamica, Versnellerfysica, Toegepaste fysica, Vloeistofmechanica, Scheikundige Natuurkunde, Laserfysica, Fotonica, Informatica, Informatiewetenschappen, Algoritmen, Kunstmatige intelligentie, Kunstmatige neurale netwerken, Computers en samenleving, Computerarchitectuur, Computercommunicatie (netwerken), Computer Graphics, Cyber Security, Toepassing van computers bij wiskunde, natuurwetenschap, techniek en geneeskunde, Toepassing van computers in sociale wetenschap, kunsten en geesteswetenschappen, Data Mining, Gegevensstructuren, Databases, Distributed computing, Interactie tussen mensen en computers, Informatiesystemen (Bedrijfsinformatica), Besturingssystemen, Parallel Computing, Programmeertalen, Quantumcomputers, Softwaretechniek, Berekeningstheorie, Computationele wetenschappen, Game design, Big Data, Machinaal Leren, Machine Vision, Computer Vision, Geografie, Cartografie, Geodesie en landmeetkunde, Oceanografie, Meteorologie, Geologie, Atmosferische wetenschappen, Biogeografie, Klimatologie, Geochemie, Geomicrobiologie, Geomorfologie, Geostatistiek, Hydrogeologie, Hydrologie, Mariene geowetenschappen, Mineralogie, Paleoklimatologie, Paleontologie, Petrologie, Remote Sensing, Vulkanologie, Seismologie, Geo-informatica (GIS)
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Over de werkgever

IST Austria is a multidisciplinary research institution dedicated to cutting-edge basic research in the natural, mathematical, and computer sciences.

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