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Professor "Structural Integrity Monitoring and Offshore Structures"

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1 - Working at the VUB

For already 50 years, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel has stood for freedom, equality and connectedness. These values are strongly present on our campuses, in our students as well as our staff. At the VUB, you’ll find a diverse collection of personalities: pure innovators and especially people who are 100% their authentic selves. With about 3.500 employees, we are the largest Dutch-speaking employer in Brussels, an international city with which we are all too happy to be connected, and around which our four campuses are located.

Our education and research are grounded in the principles of free research with an eye on human progress. We disapprove of every purely authoritative argument and guarantee the free formation of judgement that is necessary for this basic principle to be incorporated in the community.

The VUB is autonomous and managed democratically. As such, we guarantee fundamental freedoms within our university, as well as the right of the university community to be involved in making and checking university policy.

The mission of the university includes:

  • the development, the transfer and the application of high-standing academic education and scientific research, free from any prejudice;
  • community integration of this in a spirit of social compassion;
  • critical development of everyone in light of the responsibilities borne in the community.

2 - Position description

The Faculty of Engineering, Department Toegepaste mechanica, is looking for a full-time professor

More concretely your work package contains: 

Education and Research domain:

Applied mechanics, data-driven structural system identification and integrity monitoring

Education tasks:

  • You will be responsible for teaching courses in the Bachelor and Master in the Faculty of Engineering, from within the Mechanical Engineering department.
  • You will translate excellent and industrially relevant research into education.
  • You will make proposals for concrete professionalization or innovation projects (at the level of the study program or trajectory within the study programme), as well as participate in other professionalization or innovation initiatives.
  • You will make proposals that contribute to education policy and quality assurance for education, whether or not within the program councils and other faculty education policy bodies.
  • You will support and guide PhD and master students.

Research tasks:

  • You inspire and coordinate research and innovation activities in data-driven structural system identification and integrity monitoring. In the first instance, the emphasis will be on applications in the field of offshore structures (design optimization, O&M optimization and lifetime evaluation).
  • You will take the initiative and make proposals within the framework of the research policy of the department.
  • You will independently acquire and manage research projects on national and international level.
  • You will supervise autonomous doctoral research and be involved in the leadership of a research group.
  • You ensure that the participation in, the definition of, the supervision and the completion of application-oriented and industrial projects run smoothly and efficiently.
  • You are a key figure in the collaboration with other research institutions, industrial partners and universities.
  • You ensure that collaborations successfully lead to joint projects, you coordinate them and you report on the results achieved in a professional manner.
  • The research is situated in the broad domain of data-driven structural system identification and integrity monitoring, in particular:
    • research in the field of data-driven identification of the dynamic behavior of mechanical and civil structures;
    • research in the field of data-driven structural integrity monitoring of large mechanical and civil structures;
    • research into hybrid monitoring techniques that combine physical and data-driven models;
    • research into the use of new sensor technologies, in particular optical measurement techniques and IOT sensors, for the continuous monitoring of structural parameters;
    • research into the use of “machine learning” to monitor the structural integrity of a fleet of similar structures.
  • The main application of the research should In the first instance focus within the domain of offshore structures:
    • research in the field of data-driven design and optimization of offshore structures;
    • research in the field of data-driven optimization of “operations and maintenance (O&M)” of offshore structures;
    • research in the field of data-driven evaluation of the remaining useful lifetime of offshore structures.

Other tasks:

  • You are committed to the further expansion and proper functioning of the department and the faculty.
  • You are committed to the further development and proper functioning of the OWI lab partnership between VUB, UGent and Sirris.
  • You are expected to actively contribute to the promotion of the department, the programme, the faculty and the university (e.g. departmental activities, student recruitment, study information days, popularising science, etc.),
  • You are prepared to take on tasks in faculty (and possibly university) bodies.
  • You will take the initiative in science communication projects.
  • You will take the initiative regarding valorisation and collaboration with the spin-off companies of the department.

For this function, our Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus (Elsene) will serve as your home base. 

3 - Profile

What do we expect from you?

  • You have demonstrable scientific expertise in the above-mentioned research domains.
  • You have a strong affinity with the “offshore” sector and a broad industrial network.
  • You are familiar with the landscape of Flemish research funding and the active spearhead clusters.
  • You demonstrate experience in leading a team of PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.
  • You demonstrate experience in independently acquiring and managing research projects.
  • You demonstrate experience in setting up and managing research infrastructure.
  • You can transfer knowledge in an inspiring way, and you do so in a way that seamlessly and empathically matches (the level of knowledge of) the public.
  • An excellent knowledge of Dutch is necessary for the bachelor courses, as they are taught in Dutch. The master's courses are offered in English, which is why a very thorough knowledge of English is essential (see also below).
  • A practical mind, excellent collaboration skills, and a problem-solving attitude are necessary to enable your integration in the intensive collaboration we practice in the department. The strength of our team lies in jointly identifying and tackling practical problems in (industrial) processes, and the realization of feasible industrial applications at a relatively high TRL level.
  • You are also an inspiring colleague. You motivate colleagues, and you work with them correctly and with an open mind.
  • You clearly demonstrate your willingness to integrate into the MECH department and the Faculty of Engineering.
  • You subscribe to the university’s vision of education. The full text in relation to this is available on the university website.
  • Every first appointment is dependent upon the successful delivery of a teaching session.
  • Members of the academic staff who, as title-holders, are charged with teaching assignments, must be able to demonstrate the required knowledge of the language of instruction for the relevant course units. Example: When a course unit is taught in English, the candidate is required to have the appropriate certificate. More information about the regulations concerning the language proficiency you can find via https://jobs.vub.be/content/Regulations-concerning-language-proficiency/

4 - Offer

Are you going to be our new colleague?

You’ll be offered an appointment as full-time professor, with planned starting date 01/10/2022

  • If the recruitment is in the rank of lecturer, you'll be offered a tenure track appointment, which implies an initial appointment as lecturer for a period of 5 years, with eligibility for tenure in the rank of senior lecturer by the end of this initial period.
  • If the recruitment is in another academic rank, you'll be offered an appointment for 3 years, with eligibility for tenure in the same rank by the end of this initial period.

You’ll receive a salary linked to one of the scales set by the government.

At the VUB, you’re guaranteed an open, involved and diverse workplace where you are offered opportunities to (further) build on your career.

As well as this, you’ll enjoy various benefits:

  • Full reimbursement for your home-work commute with public transport according to VUB-policy, or compensation if you come by bike;
  • Cost-free hospitalisation insurance;
  • The space to form your job content and continuously learn via VUB LRN;
  • Excellent facilities for sport and exercise;
  • Ecocheques;
  • Delicious meals at attractive prices in our campus restaurants;
  • An open, family-friendly work environment where attention is paid to work-life balance, and exceptional holiday arrangements with 35 days of leave (based on a fulltime contract).

5 - Interested?

Is this the job you’ve been dreaming of?

Send us ONLINE and at the latest on 22/05/2022:

  • your motivation letter, including your vision on education and research, and an explanation about the development of your future research;
  • your curriculum vitae, including you academic dossier;
  • your degrees and diplomas (not applicable for VUB alumni) and language certificates.

Do you have questions about the job content? Contact Prof. Bram Vanderborght at bram.vanderborght@vub.be or on +32-2-6292305.

Would you like to know what it’s like to work at the VUB? Go to www.vub.ac.be/vacatures and find all there is to know about our campuses, benefits, strategic goals and your future colleagues.

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Professor "Structural Integrity Monitoring and Offshore Structures"
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