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AMOLF Physics of functional complex matter

Structure and purpose

AMOLF scientists are continuously searching for the fundamental relationship between the architecture and interactions of complex matter and material systems and their purpose and function. Such a ‘system’ can be a complex of biomolecules with properties that make life possible. It can be a nanostructure of a semiconductor with metal particles that capture light. Or a newly designed material with very different mechanical properties than you might expect. What exactly is happening at the macro-, micro- or nanoscales and how can this be explained? AMOLF researchers cover a broad domain. However they all use research methods from physics to understand and manipulate a system.

Innovation and talent

AMOLF wants to enable new and highly promising lines of research to blossom quickly and to discover and develop talent. The institute’s structure is geared towards this. Young ambitious group leaders are given plenty of freedom. Skilled and curious PhDs and postdocs come from all four corners of the globe. Specialized technicians ensure that when it comes to infrastructure no sky is too high. At AMOLF researchers with different areas of expertise meet each other daily. This makes AMOLF a breeding ground for new ideas.

Insights and answers

AMOLF carries out fundamental physics with an open eye for applications. The researchers work closely with universities, institutes, and companies. The aim is to translate insights from fundamental research into answers to urgent societal questions.

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