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The MQV & IMPRS Quantum Educational Program is a collaborative initiative based in Munich, Germany. This initiative is a joint effort of biggest prestigious Bayern institutions, including the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, the Technical University of Munich, and others with the goal to provide graduating opportunities in the field of quantum research to the talented physicists, engineers, and computer scientists. 

The IMPRS & MQV joint research network offers a choice of graduate programs that encompass both soft and hard skill courses, industry connections, and provides an international and interdisciplinary atmosphere in the field of quantum technology. Both MQV and IMPRS collaborate closely with other quantum-physics programs, including MCQST, and more.

The research fields covered by the IMPRS-QST & MQV network encompass a wide spectrum of quantum-related subjects, including applications of quantum computers, atomic physics, quantum optics, computer science, electrical engineering, quantum information theory, quantum many-body systems, solid-state physics, and material science.

The Munich Quantum Valley is dedicated to advancing quantum science and quantum technologies within Bavaria, with a particular emphasis on developing competitive quantum computers. Doctoral fellows selected through an open call within MQV have the freedom to choose from a range of research groups involved in quantum science and technology at any Bavarian university. Additionally, Munich Quantum Valley fellows and doctoral students affiliated with related research groups can leverage existing graduate programs at their respective institutions. They also have the opportunity to participate in summer schools and numerous workshops organized by MQV partners, which brings together stakeholders from research institutions, universities, and companies, all united in their aim to promote quantum science and technology in Bavaria.

Whereas, a member of IMPRS graduate program of the Max Planck Society, you will become part of a vibrant community of fellow graduate students. This offers access to a diverse array of scientific workshops, professional skills courses, and social activities designed to foster both learning and networking. In terms of support, IMPRS students benefit from a comprehensive supervision concept. Alongside ongoing guidance from their primary advisors, they also receive regular interaction with a Thesis Advisory Board. The coordination office, as well as PhD representatives and fellow students, are available throughout the doctoral journey to offer support and assistance.

In summary, the MQV & IMPRS Quantum Educational Program offers an exceptional and dynamic educational experience for graduate students to engage with the forefront of quantum science and technology research, with a strong emphasis on a wide research topics spectrum, financial, and career support for young scientists.

Contact for questions:
Mariia Kuzina
MQV Educational Team
Schellingstr. 4
D-80799 München

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