Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Building a society based on bioeconomy.
Sustainable use of natural resources calls for advances in know-how and new business models. Together with our research partners and customers, we build a society based on sustainable bioeconomy.
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Researchers and specialists working in Luke anticipate trends in the global natural resources economy and tailor our services to meet our customers’ changing needs in the fields of forestry and forest industry, food and retail, circular economy, energy and chemisty, as well as agriculture and aquaculture.

Our four research programmes aim to create new bio-based products and business opportunities, increase productivity by digitalization, support regional vitality by circular economy, create well-being from immaterial values, and support the profitability of healthy food production. In addition, we also carry out statutory government services such as monitoring natural resources, certifying plant production, inspecting control agents, storing genetic resources, producing data on greenhouse gases, supporting natural resource policies and producing Finland’s official food and natural resource statistics.


CLIMATE SMART CARBON cycle aims to beat the global climate crisis and its impact on ecosystems, as well as to stop the deterioration of the state of the aquatic environment caused by land use and primary production and accelerated by climate change.

  • Ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable climate change mitigation in the land use sector.
  • The preservation of the productive capacity and diversity of the soil and substrates, as well as the straightening of carbon sinks.
  • The management of the impact that the Baltic Sea’s catchment area has on waterbodies.
  • Improving carbon neutrality in the food system.
  • ARB

    ADAPTIVE AND RESILIENT BIOECONOMY supports maintaining the ability to operate calls for an understanding of the interactive relationships between ecosystems, production systems and society.

  • Protecting biodiversity and ecosystem services, and their sustainable use.
  • Reconciliation in conflict situations involving the use of natural resources.
  • the prevention and management of losses and risks in the natural resources economy, and the protection of the security of supply.
  • Seizing new bio economy opportunities brought about by changes
  • CBE

    CIRCULAR BIO ECONOMY promotes smart and sustainable use of renewable natural resources and raw materials, as well as building the security of supply and accelerating the green transition.

  • The development of a bio economy based on renewable natural resources.
  • The sustainable and effective use of biomass and the compounds and nutrients it contains, including biogas and recycled fertilisers.
  • Promoting the circular bio economy based on the reuse of natural resources while enabling new business.
  • PRPP

    PROFITABLE AND RESPONSIBLE PRIMARY PRODUCTION aims to increase the profitability of primary production and respond to market demand, and simultaneously ensure the mitigation of climate and environmental impacts.

  • The diverse development and sustainable reform of primary production.
  • Enabling technologies in primary production and its value chains.
    Business solutions

    We anticipate trends in the global natural resources economy and tailor our services to meet our customers’ changing needs. We offer our customers research and development services based on our outstanding biological and technological expertise. We use high-quality experimental research environments and extensive data resources.

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    We offer a modern, state-of-the-art environment for research, flexible working hours and locations, as well as opportunities for professional growth and personal development. We are also involved in several major international partnership networks.If what we do is also close to your heart, we would love you to join our team!

    “Working in Luke is exciting! It is most inspiring — my colleagues at Luke are bringing out the best of me.
    As a country, Finland is pure beautifulness. I feel equal, I feel fairness, I am simply happy.”

    Dr. Lidija Bitz, Senior Scientist