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Swabian Instruments
Swabian Instruments
Stuttgart, Germany

Swabian Instruments

Our Mission

Swabian Instruments designs and manufactures data acquisition and signal generation systems for research and industry. Our systems are easy to use, performant and packed with useful features. We achieve this by shifting some of the hardest tasks from the hardware to the software level. We call this paradigm “Software Defined Data Acquisition”. Some say our systems provide the flexibility of software and the performance of hardware. Our systems come with free and powerful programming interfaces and cover a frequency range from DC to 50 GSa/s.

Swabian Instruments GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, was founded in 2016 by Helmut Fedder and Michael Schlagmuller as a spin-off from the Physics Department at the University of Stuttgart. The “Time Tagger Series” of Swabian Instruments is emerging as one of the most powerful data acquisition tools in the physics research community with applications from quantum optics to biophysics.

Swabian Instruments Team

Our Philosophy

We strive to make data acquisition and signal generation as easy and intuitive as possible. Our goal is to help you maximize the time that you spend on actual research. We achieve this by empowering you with software and hardware tools that require minimal programming efforts and are packed with useful features. We put lots of thoughts into our system’s architectures and the interface that you interact with and we try to push the boundary of what is possible with modern data acquisition and signal generation.