VID Specialized University

VID Specialized University

A value-based and church based specialized university with high academic teaching- and research ambitions relevant to society and the church.
About VID

VID Specialized University undertakes education and research in the fields of health and social sciences, educational science, management, diaconia and theology. We offer approximately 60 programs of study as Bachelor, Master's, and PhD degrees. Our ambition is to become a university by 2028.

With about 6000 students and 600 employees, VID is the biggest private school of higher education in Norway. You'll find our campuses in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Sandvika and Tromsø. We also have decentralized schooling at Helgeland. Through our programs of study, we educate knowledgeable, reflective, and brave professional practitioners. VID has a particularly strong research profile within practice-relevant research, diversity, social inequality, particularly vulnerable groups and global Christianity. The letters in VID are a Norwegian acronym for Specialized (Vitenskapelig), International (Internasjonal) and diaconal (diakonial). Our motto is Committed to humanity – locally and globally.

In line with tradition and future national and global societal needs, VID’s vision and mission is to be: A value-based and church based specialized university with high academic teaching- and research ambitions relevant to society and the church.


Committed to humanity
– locally and globally

VID will educate leaders and professionals for service in the health, social and educational sectors and the church through programmes of higher education and by conducting research, development and innovation on a high international level within health- and social sciences, pedagogy, culture- and social studies, management, diakonia and theology.

VID’s education portfolio and research engagements embody the Christian diaconal tradition and offer a unique contribution to professional practice within the University’s sectors and disciplines.

VID offers programmes of professional studies within nursing, occupational therapy, social education, family therapy, diakonia and theology, in addition to a number of other programmes at Bachelor, Master and continuing education levels. VID offers two PhD programmes: Diakonia, Values and Professional Practice and Theology and Religion.

Faculties and Research Centres
VID is organized in three faculties, four strategic centers for research.
Faculty of Health Studies

The Faculty of Health Studies originated in 2016, when Diakonhjemmet University College, Haraldsplass Deaconess University College, Betanien University College and School of Mission and Theology merged and became VID.

Faculty of Social Studies

The Faculty of Social Studies is located at the Oslo Campus where two main programme themes are available: Social work and Family Therapy and Systemic practice.

Faculty of Theology, Diaconia and
Leadership Studies

One of the biggest projects at this faculty is the center for church growth. The center looks at the need for development and growth in church plans within the Norwegian Church.

Centre of Diaconia and
Professional Practice
Centre of Misson
and Global Studies
Centre for Intercultural
Centre of Learning in Professional
Education and Practice