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Institut Matériaux Microélectronique Nanosciences de Provence (IM2NP)
Institut Matériaux Microélectronique Nanosciences de Provence (IM2NP)
Marseille, France

Institut Matériaux Microélectronique Nanosciences de Provence (IM2NP)

Linking fundamental research to applications within our fields of expertise. Multidisciplinary research unit with more than 300 members at the junction of physics, chemistry and microelectronics, IM2NP masters a large spectrum of competencies that allows relying numerous fundamental aspects to applications in the field of advanced materials, of integrated electronics and nanosciences.

Main key-objectives:

Linking fundamental research to applications within our fields of expertise.

Five main directions:

. Revealing nanostructures: Build, visualize, probe

. Elaboration and modelling of functional nanomaterials and nano-devices

. Transformation and growth of materials at different scales (from nm to mm)

. Specific environments: detection, characterisation, signal processing and reliability

. From the emerging device to eco-energetics systems.

Key application sectors: energies (photovoltaic, thermoelectricity, nuclear fission/fusion), safety & defence (high level reliability, signal, stealth), health (E-health), transport (aeronautical, spatial), communication (IOT, RFID), environment (detection, catalysis)

Main facts:

  • Research Unit  IM2NP: Institute Materials Microelectronics  Nanosciences of Provence (UMR 7334)
  • Tutorships: CNRS, Aix-Marseille University and University of Toulon - Convention with ISEN-Toulon
  • 3 joint laboratories with CEA-Cadarache (LIMMEX), STMicroelectronics (REER) and Naval Group (LTSIM)
  • Overall workforce: 300 people (140 Researchers, Prof. & Assist. Prof., 40 Engineers & Technicians, 120 PhD students)
  • Scientific production: 170 peer-review papers / year
  • 240 funded collaborative projects conducted between 2010 and 2015, more than 200 active scientific collaborations.


PhD - Cobalt ferrites (self-organized nanoparticles /hierarchical nanostructures) for polluting gas detection and cleaning
Doctoral School ED548 University of Toulon Supervisors : Christine Leroux and Madjid Arab Co supervisor : Véronique Madigou Team NSRE (NanoStructures Reactivity Environment ) IM2NP   1- Context The growing interest of mankind in surrounding air quality leads...
PhD - Bio-inspired design of sustainable and high-performance nanotechnologies for the conversion of light energy
Nom du directeur de thèse: Fabienne Michelini Tel : 04 13 94 53 17 E-Mail:: fabienne.michelini@univ-amu.fr Laboratoire: IM2NP Financement: demandé Type de financement: contrat doctoral Summary in English : The outstanding performance of biological...
PhD - Surface functionalization by self-assembled monolayers of novel push-pull chromophores: photoelectric properties and application to bio-sensors
Name of the laboratory:  IM2NP UMR CNRS 7334 (www.im2np.fr) (Institut Matériaux Microélectronique Nanosciences de Provence), ISEN-Toulon Thesis advisor:  Lionel Patrone (researcher at CNRS – HDR) Email and address: lionel.patrone@im2np.fr, phone: +33 (0) 483 361...
PhD - Development of an ammonia system detection applied to acid load monitoring in case of chronic kidney disease
Nom du directeur de thèse : Marc BENDAHAN (PR), Tel : 04 13 94 23 03, E-Mail : marc.bendahan@im2np.fr Co-encadrante : Virginie LAITHIER (MCF), Tel : 04 13 94 66 33, E-Mail : virginie.laithier@im2np.fr   Laboratoire : IM2NP-UMR CNRS 7334 – Marseille...
PhD - Plasmonic nano-antennas associated with ultra-fast molecular diodes to directly convert light into electricity
Thesis advisor : Pr. Ludovic Escoubas   Co-supervisor: Dr. David Duché Tel: 0619578735   E-Mail : ludovic.escoubas@univ-amu.fr et david.duche@univ-amu.fr   Laboratory : IM2NP     Subject description :   More and more applications...