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Kyushu Institute of Technology
Kyushu Institute of Technology
Kitakyushu, Japan

Kyushu Institute of Technology

In the more than 100 years since its inauguration, Kyutech has produced over 60,000 talented engineers by practicing its founding principle of “instilling a deep knowledge of science and engineering in high caliber students.” The university has contributed to knowledge creation that will lead to academic progress, enhanced competitiveness in industry and regional development by making the most of its education and research capabilities.

Progress in science and technology in recent years is remarkable, filled with discoveries and inventions leading to the creation of innumerable technologies. These achievements have spread through society and become part of people’s lives at an accelerating pace. For example, the Internet used to be just an experimental low-speed communication line in 1969 but has now become the network which connects people all over the world. This is one way that science and technology are closely linked with people’s lives, and the importance of its role is increasing.

In this context, Kyutech has been producing the engineers who provide solutions to the complicated challenges in our diverse society. Kyutech focuses on not only the education of knowledge and skills, but also notices the essential qualities for global engineers: acceptance of diverse cultures, communication skills, self-learning skills, problem finding and solution skills, and engineering design skills. To cultivate these qualities, Kyutech offers a variety of study programs and the best learning environment.

In addition, we believe university is a place for knowledge creation which unlocks the future. As knowledge creation, research activities have two aspects of value; one is for the development of academic studies and the other is for the development of society. Kyutech has established 10 strategic research centers for the study of environment, energy, space, LSI, networks, robots and more in order to ensure a diverse array of research activities, and to actively promote industrial-academia collaborations.

Kyutech always seeks opportunities for information exchange, dialogue and collaboration with the public to introduce our various education and research activities. We aim to build up relationships and networks, to enhance the quality of education and research, and to realize a campus which encourages people to join in the pursuit of knowledge.