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University of Antwerp
University of Antwerp
Antwerpen, Belgium

University of Antwerp

Working at the University of Antwerp means working at a young, lively and forward-thinking university. Every day, our employees' efforts ensure that innovative education is provided to 20,000 students, that groundbreaking fundamental and applied research is conducted and that the university is able to play its important role as a service provider in society.

Whether you are a professor, scientist or doctoral student, the University of Antwerp gives you every chance to demonstrate and develop your talents. We offer you an inspiring working environment, where more than 5500 employees join forces to contribute to society and work together towards one common goal: defining the future. Your future and the world’s future.

That is why we are not afraid of the unknown. That is why we dare to follow new avenues and be the frontiers of knowledge. That is why Antwerp, an ambitious Belgian city that never stops re-inventing itself, is our perfect home.  

The University of Antwerp employs people with very wide-raging profiles and educational backgrounds. It is a large organization, but at the same time also an organization on a human scale which respects and listens to the individual. The university is growing fast, which is why we are continuously looking for talented professionals in various disciplines.

Discover what career we have for you. Discover our wide range of talent development opportunities. Discover how your expertise can make a difference. Discover it today and define what tomorrow will look like.

Do you want to know more about the University of Antwerp?

Our mission as a young, dynamic and forward-thinking university

Find out about the University of Antwerp’s vision and mission as a young, dynamic and forward-thinking university. Read more.

Facts & figures

The University of Antwerp all summed up in facts & figures: + 5 500 members of staff, + 20 000 students, 60 000 alumni, + 3500 scientific publications per year, + 140 programmes, 9 centres of excellence, 9 frontline research domains, … Read more.

Our 9 faculties

Get to know our 9 faculties in Applied Economics – Applied Engineering – Arts – Design Sciences – Law – Medicine and Health Sciences – Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences – Social Sciences – Sciences. Also have a look at The Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB) and the Antwerp School of Education. Read more.

Research and innovation

The University of Antwerp, as a true research university, strives to excel in as many research areas as possible. We have nine frontline research domains and three emerging frontline research domains in which the University of Antwerp is recognized world leader. Read more.


The University of Antwerp has an excellent international reputation. One in six of our employees comes from abroad and you will find more than 80 different nationalities represented at the university. Researchers are encouraged to seek out international collaboration and to play active, prominent roles in the worldwide research community. Read more.

HR policy & HR Excellence in Research

In 2013, the European Commission acknowledged the University of Antwerp as an organization with an excellent HR policy and rewarded us with the ‘HR Excellence in Research Award’. We fully care for qualitative researchers’ careers and work hard to support our researchers in developing their skills. Read more.

Ready to shape the future?

The University of Antwerp is growing fast and constantly looking for new talented colleagues. Visit our job site and learn about our career opportunities, HR policy and ambition to shape the future. Your future ánd the world’s future. Read more.

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University of Antwerp
University of Antwerp
Locatie: Antwerpen, België | Sluit op aug. 11
Zelfstandig academisch personeel, Epidemiologie - 2019ZAPFGGWEX159
De Faculteit Geneeskunde en Gezondheidswetenschappen (FGGW) heeft de volgende functie vacant Zelfstandig academisch personeel (60%) in het domein epidemiologie Uw opdracht heeft een structureel karakter in de drie kerntaken van het Zelfstandig Academisch...
University of Antwerp
University of Antwerp
Locatie: Antwerpen, België | Sluit op jun. 25
Onderzoeker, Studentenleven / studentenkringen - 2019BAPDSCSEX163
Het Departement Sociologie en het Departement Sociale, Culturele & Studentgerichte Diensten van de Universiteit Antwerpen zoeken een voltijdse, tijdelijke Onderzoeker in het domein studentenleven / studentenkringen Jouw opdracht De functie omvat, in nauw overleg...
University of Antwerp
University of Antwerp
Locatie: Antwerpen, België | Sluit op jun. 23
Gastprofessor, Didactiek - Engineering en technologie - 2019BAPASOEEF125
De Specifieke Lerarenopleiding van de Antwerp School of Education heeft volgende deeltijdse (20%) vacature voor de educatieve masteropleidingen: Gastprofessor in het domein didactiek engineering en technologie Uw opdracht U doceert introductie vakdidactiek...
University of Antwerp
University of Antwerp
Locatie: Antwerpen, België | Sluit op jun. 30
Doctoraatsbeurs, Biomerker onderzoek - 2019BAPFGGWEF162
Het Laboratorium voor Experimentele Geneeskunde en Pediatrie (LEMP) van de Faculteit Geneeskunde en Gezondheidswetenschappen zoekt een veelbelovend talent voor een voltijdse 100% Doctoraatsbeurs in het domein van biomerker onderzoek Inleiding Longvlieskanker of...
University of Antwerp
University of Antwerp
Locatie: Antwerpen, België | Sluit op jun. 30
Doctor-assistent, Electrochemical engineering - 2019AAPFTIEX152
De vakgroep chemische ingenieurstechnieken van de Faculteit Toegepaste Ingenieurswetenschappen zoekt een voltijds Doctor-assistent in het domein van de electrochemical engineering Jouw opdracht Je staat in voor onderwijs- en onderzoekondersteuning in het domein van...