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Flanders Make
Flanders Make
Leuven, Belgium

Flanders Make

About Flanders Make

Flanders Make is the strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry. Our mission is to strengthen the long-term international competitiveness of the Flemish manufacturing industry. That’s why we work together with SMEs and large companies on pre-competitive, industry-driven technological research, resulting in concrete product and production innovations for the vehicle industry, machine building, and production environments.

Because of our unique position between industry and research, our teams combine application and system proficiency with technological and scientific knowledge. We focus on 4 key competences, all based on modelling and virtualisation,:

  • Decision & Control
  • Design & Optimisation
  • Motion Products
  • Flexible Assembly

Flanders Make drives innovation in companies. From our sites in Lommel, Leuven, and satellite office in Kortrijk, researchers develop new technologies and new applications for:

  • Intelligent
  • Autonomous
  • Human centered
  • Interconnected
  • Robots
  • Vehicles
  • Machines
  • Production sites

Industry driven Research:

Research projects that really contribute to concrete product and production innovations to the benefit of the Flemish manufacturing industry.

  • A challenging job, where new ideas grow in state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • An open company culture and an enthusiastic, international team
  • Plenty of opportunity to grow
  • Varied work – every research project brings new content, new applications, new roles in the team, new high-tech partners, new contacts with experts

Check out our project video’s and Job opportunities for Research Engineers, Technical Project Managers, Business Developers and Application Engineers at www.flandersmake.be/jobs

This movie shows how at Flanders Make technology is being developed for autonomous driving

Other examples of Flanders Make projects:

Movie SITcontrol



Flanders Make
Flanders Make
Locatie: Leuven, België
Robotics Research Engineer
As a robotics research engineer, you develop control strategies for assembly and explore the opportunities offered by the “state of the art” of robot & cobot applications. Companies aspiring to transition to Industry 4.0 collaborate with Flanders Make to develop their...
Flanders Make
Flanders Make
Locatie: Leuven, België
Senior researcher dynamic systems & control
You develop advanced controllers for smart and interconnected systems (machines, robots and vehicles). Develop advanced model predictive, learning and robust adaptive control algorithms Set up research projects in advanced control technologies and tackle challenges in...
Flanders Make
Flanders Make
Locatie: Leuven, België
Software Architect
You define software architecture for embedded system prototypes in autonomous driving technology research.                                                                                                   ...
Flanders Make
Flanders Make
Locatie: Leuven, België
Design & Test Engineer
With a top-notch test infrastructure, you offer companies a taste in the latest technologies to strengthen their production process. Flanders Make researchers are developing technologies for design and production of high-performant, flexible and autonomous machines and...